Communities and causes

Honesty, fair dealings with others, and a commitment to humanitarian aims were articulated as key principles in 1970 by the firm’s founder, Ove Arup. These values remain fundamental to the way Arup operates today.

A commitment to the environment and the communities in which Arup works has always been at the heart of the company’s ethos. This commitment influences Arup’s approach to projects, to clients and collaborators.

Arup was a founder member of RedR, an international charity that coordinates the deployment of skilled professionals to where they have most impact in emergency situations. Arup engineers have taken part in field assignments to provide help at the scene of disasters such as the Szechuan earthquake and hurricanes Gustav and Ike in the US. Many more actively fundraise for RedR.

The Arup Cause

The Arup Cause is a global initiative which exists to reward and encourage Arup’s  community-centred and educational activities. Created in 2006 to mark its 60th anniversary, the Arup Cause is funded by Arup to provide structured opportunities for its people to develop personally, deploy their professional skills and to contribute to development globally. Water was the theme and focus of the Arup Cause in its first year, and shelter was added as a second theme for its second. The Arup Cause will evolve over time to meet the evolving issues facing humanity across the globe.

The Ove Arup Foundation

The Ove Arup Foundation is a registered charity established in memory of Sir Ove Arup. Its mission is ‘the advancement of education directed towards the promotion, furtherance and dissemination of knowledge of matters associated with the built environment’.

One of the ways The Foundation pursues these objectives, in acknowledgement of Sir Ove’s contribution over many decades, is ‘with emphasis on the multidisciplinary nature of design in engineering and architecture’.

  • Arup staff, wearing RedR t-shirts, fundraise for the charity.

    Fundraising for RedR