Research is fundamental to Arup’s pursuit of technical excellence and integral to the way it does business.

Almost every project Arup undertakes is original in some way and departs from the ‘standard’ approach. This makes research an integral part of many projects, from feasibility through detail design and manufacture to construction and operational performance.

Arup undertakes diverse research projects globally. Some emanate from employee suggestions, others from industry, clients or academic institutions. Arup undertakes collaborative research with others, and has a dedicated research team whose role is to coordinate external collaborative research and to ensure that the firm makes the most of its investment in research to the benefit of clients and the industry as a whole.

In 2007, Arup sponsored the “Drivers of Change” worldwide research project into the future of the built environment, which tapped into the perceptions of a huge range of people, through workshops globally. The findings pinpointed over 350 separate, though often linked, issues to build into our research roadmapping process and a further six key areas for further research – climate change, energy, water, waste, urbanisation and demographic change.

Exploring new techniques and developing new tools are essential to remain ahead of the market. Developments in 3D design, BIM, simulationsbuilding physics and fluid dynamics – which have influenced and benefited engineering and design industries – exist only because of Arup’s commitment to research and development. 


  • 3D model of pedestrian planning

    Computer simulation of pedestrian planning

  • High-resolution 3D modelling of reservoir spillways (Ulley Reservoir, South Yorkshire)

    High-resolution 3D modelling