Energy Academy Europe. Credit: Gerhard Taatgen

BREEAM Award winner

A design based on natural sources.

Energy Academy Europe
Moreelse Bridge. Creidt: leon van woerkom | cepezed

Elevated tree esplanade

Supporting a clean and pragmatic bridge design.

Moreelse Bridge
Vuurtoreneiland. Credit: © Christian van der Kooy

Solutions for self-sufficiency

Preservation of a magical coexistence of nature and history.

HAUT. Credit: Team V

The quest for CO2 neutrality

The tallest wooden residential building in the Netherlands.


Established in Amsterdam in 2000, Arup in the Netherlands comprises recognised consultants in all aspects of building and infrastructure design. With access to Arup’s specialist networks around the world, the team in Amsterdam is able to bring global expertise to local projects, as well as to consult on international iconic projects.


  • Centrale As. Credit ©Ronald Tilleman

    Centrale As

    Guaranteeing road safety and preventing lighting pollution.

  • Palace Bridge. Credit: Jannes Linders

    Palace Bridge

    Characterful weathering steel bridge and park.

  • Voorlinden Museum, exterior view. Credit: Pietro Savorelli

    Museum Voorlinden

    New museum for largest private art collection in the Netherlands.

  • Logo CO2 Performance Ladder

    Towards sustainability

    Committed to reduce carbon emissions in our projects, in our office and by our staff members.


  • Antwerp Ring Road. Credit: ©ORG2

    Antwerp Ring Road

    Increasing the quality of life in the city, connecting neighborhoods and reducing pollution.

  • LocHal, redering, ©Civic Architects, image 3D Studio Prins


    Utilising the existing quality of a monumental building for a future proof redevelopment, by using thorough analyses.

  • Arnhem Station. Credit: ©Ronald Tilleman

    Arnhem Central Station

    Architectural form and lighting design guide travellers intuitively through the building.

  • Supreme Court, the Hague. Credit: Fernando Guerra

    Supreme Court of the Netherlands

    Engineering services for a new transparent courthouse in the Hague's heart.


  • 24May 2017

    Energy Academy Europe officially opened

    After the opening ceremony by King’s Commissioner René Paas, acrobats unfolding three huge banners descended from the ceiling of the transparent hall of the new building on the Zernike Campus Groningen.

  • 19May 2017

    Construction of the LocHal has started

    The former maintenance facility of the Dutch Railways has been redesigned. The City of Tilburg assigned the task for re-development to the team of CIVIC architects, Braaksma & Roos architecten, Arup and Inside Outside. Within the outline of the industrial locomotive hangar, the LocHal will accommodate a public hall with a big square, work spaces, conference areas, exposition units, a library, a music hall and a restaurant.

  • 05Apr 2017

    Offering a new vision of nature at Milan Design Week

    The architectural installation consists of a 4.5 metre-wide cube that is lit by vertical wooden rods in 121 gradations of white light. The interactive cube emits a constant faint sound, so-called white noise, which is modulated by the presence and movement of the visitors. The visitors interact with the space and, in doing so, reproduce orchestra sections of a classical Italian music composition.

  • 31Mar 2017

    Arup appointed as coordinating technical advisor for the renovation of the Dutch Parliament buildings complex

    The technical advisor is responsible for the technical aspects of the entire complex, such as energy supply, climate control, ICT and security. The team, led by Joop Paul, will work together with two coordinating architects, Ellen van Loon (OMA) and Liesbeth van der Pol (Dok Architects). Ellen van Loon will be responsible for the part of the complex where the House of Representatives is located. Liesbeth van der Pol will be the coordinating architect for the buildings in which the Senate, the Council of State, the Ministry of General Affairs and the Earl's Halls are located.