More projects in the Netherlands

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  • 400 + 500 Beethovenstraat

    400 + 500 Beethovenstraat

    High quality level of working and living on a top location.

  • A6 SAA

    A6 SAA

    Demonstrating the feasibility and malleability, by preparing reference design and reference phasing.

  • ACE (Arup Concept Elevator) platforms

    ACE (Arup Concept Elevator) platforms

    An award-winning, self-installing and re-locatable offshore platform.

  • AFSG Helix

    AFSG Helix

    Laboratories and workspace, designed in 3D.

  • Acoustic concrete

    Acoustic concrete

    Enhancing comfort in buildings that need large amounts of exposed concrete.

  • Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    A design method for critical structural steel elements for application in complex projects.

  • Agora Theatre

    Agora Theatre

    Lighting concept for sculptural theatre building.

  • Amsterdam Public Library

    Amsterdam Public Library

    Designed to connect learning with participation and experience.

  • Antwerp Ring Road

    Antwerp Ring Road

    Increasing the quality of life in the city, connecting neighborhoods and reducing pollution.

  • Arch Bridge, Beek

    Arch Bridge, Beek

    Thorough analysis of the problem saved the bridge from extensive repair and hindrance to the public.

  • Arnhem Central Station

    Arnhem Central Station

    Architectural form and lighting design guide travellers intuitively through the building.