Zinara Roads Phase 2

Infrastructure renewal

Road rehabilitation design for 820km of national trunk road and design of nine state of the art toll plazas.

Zinara Roads Phase 2
Eastgate project, Harare

Forced ventilation system

A sustainable focus for Zimbabwe’s largest commercial office and shopping complex.


Arup is the largest multidisciplinary consultancy in Zimbabwe. Established in 1951, the local team provides civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as environmental services, strategic development, and urban and rural planning.


  • Exterior of Eastgate commercial office and shopping complex


    Forced ventilation system comprised of a filtered mechanical supply designed for Eastgate, Zimbabwe’s largest commercial office and shopping complex.

  • Toll plaza shown along stretch of the Zinara Road

    Zinara Roads Phase 2

    Road rehabilitation and improvement designs for 820km of national trunk road, including nine toll plaza designs, project management and construction monitoring.


  • 23Sep 2016

    Ian Taylor appointed Global Aviation Business Leader

    Ian joined Arup in 1993 and has worked in the UK, Ireland, USA and Asia.  Since 2009, he has served as Aviation Business Leader in East Asia, playing a leading role in expanding the Firm’s presence in China. Previously, he led the Aviation team in the UK, Middle East and Africa.

  • 17Dec 2015

    Arup continues growth and improves performance

    The firm’s annual income rose to £1.13bn as a result of strong financial growth in the UK, Asia and America. The Group generated profits before taxation and profit sharing to staff of £96.7 million. As the firm has no external shareholders, the employee-owned business was able to distribute two thirds of this profit back to staff members.

  • 01May 2013

    World’s first off-grid toll plaza

    The Toll Plaza’s only source of power is derived from solar panels installed on the roof over the plaza lanes and collection booths.

  • 14Dec 2011

    2011 results: solid performance in tough market

    Top line global income rose by 8.7% to £966.4m (mainly due to the consolidation of Arup’s South African business), while net cashflow was positive at £40.9m and operating profits were £24.6m.