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We help the public sector to build communities that will thrive into the future.

To keep our communities running, government administrators must balance many priorities while making the most of public funds. Increasingly, they require solutions that maintain healthy growth, and spread opportunity to more people, while tackling the pressures of growing populations and limited natural resources.

Arup helps government clients at city, regional and national level to set the foundations for healthy, resilient communities. Our engineers and designers work to create, improve and run better public infrastructure and buildings, while our planners and policy experts provide the framework for action.

From major works to critical details

Over more than 60 years, Arup has become a trusted partner to public bodies in infrastructure, water and waste management systems, and civil engineering projects of all kinds, worldwide. We have also shaped many federal offices and embassies, courts and custodial buildings, prisons and defence facilities.

Our approach is integrated and comprehensive. We contend with every complexity of public undertakings from business cases to environmental management, and from public safety to stakeholder engagement.

Arup’s wide array of skills gives us the flexibility to move from designing a major highway link like Montreal Autoroute 30 or delivering a vast traffic surveillance system in Hong Kong, to rethinking transport in car-dominated Auckland or running knowledge management workshops for a regional Australian roads agency.

Best value for public money

Arup understands that public projects must demonstrate value for money in capital cost and operation. Our cost managers guide confident investment with capital planning and whole-life cost analysis and our transaction advice teams give specialist advice in public–private partnerships (PPP) and private-finance initiatives (PFI).

We help make existing public assets work harder and last longer by maintaining them, refurbishing them or streamlining their operation. We do this through sustained care, as in our Rijkswaterstaat bridge renovations, and retrofitting to improve performance, as in our energy-efficient work on the Ministry of Finance, the Hague.

Resilient communities

Today's leaders face challenges they've never faced before. Not only have they got to provide the basic infrastructure upon which people rely, they’ve also got to take up the long-term challenges of climate change and resource depletion.

Mark Watts, Director Climate Change and Energy, Arup

Natural disaster and terrorism, carbon targets and energy security, water scarcity and stress – these and many other issues occupy governments as they seek to respond and adapt to current and emerging threats.

Through research and international development work, Arup forges links between industry, non-governmental organisations, universities and government agencies to help communities face future challenges together.

We not only provide insight into the big picture in sustainabilitysecurity and resilience but we also enable pragmatic action. While our advice allows C40 cities to take the lead in climate change strategy, for example, our planners lay groundwork for change (as in our disaster-resistant masterplan for Cedar Rapids) and our technical experts realise projects to protect communities (such as the Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel).

Global contact

  • Peter Hoad
  • Global Government Leader

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