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We rethink maritime solutions to create better developments on shorelines around the world.

Our shores support global trade and traditional livelihoods, coastal communities and delicate natural environments.

Arup brings fresh thinking to port development and waterfront projects to help promote balanced solutions for our shorelines. Our solutions deliver greater efficiency for our clients, while addressing the needs of stakeholders and coastal communities, and enhancing the environment.

Our track record in sustainable infrastructure and planning, the expertise of our staff and our understanding of clients’ business models, all underpin solutions that inspire confidence for our clients.

Cost-effective port solutions

Harbours, port terminals and transport links need continuous investment to respond to trends in global trade and developments in cargo handling. At Arup, we draw on integrated expertise in maritime engineering, geotechnics, business analysis and financing, transport planning, rail, highways, environmental impact assessmentoperations and security to realise the most inventive ideas for new and refurbished maritime infrastructure.

Arup pushed boundaries when it designed a liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal in Mexico at Costa Azul. From concept to completion, we guided our client, Sempra LNG, in novel responses to complex regulatory and technical issues. Rigorous analysis and modelling produced a solution that challenged industry norms but minimised both construction cost and environmental impact.

At Barcelona, for Tercat/Hutchison, Arup undertook the conceptual and detailed design of a semi-automated container terminal with an area of 58ha, which has an annual throughput of 2,500,000 TEU.

Sustainable maritime development

Coastal zones are home to around half our global population. Arup champions thoughtful maritime development to ensure our coasts become desirable places to live, work and play, while protecting and, where possible, enhancing the natural environment.

Our holistic skills were central to the transformation of Marina Bay, Singapore’s premier waterfront destination and the realisation of a long-term vision of urban renewal. The 360ha site rests on foundations developed through almost 50m of reclaimed land and soft marine clay, made possible by Arup’s leading geotechnics and maritime skills.

The Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade particularly captures Arup’s ability to reshape marine structures to meet competing coastal concerns. To create a scenic 3.5km link with Singapore’s financial district, we designed a promenade as an independent structure above the existing seawall. It ensured minimal impact on the historic seawall and the capacity of the Marina Reservoir, and significant cost savings for our client.

Global contact

  • Clon Ulrick
  • Global Maritime Business Leader

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