Lou Reed 3D audio installation opening

24 Jan 2012

From January 27 to April 15, California State University at Long Beach's University Art Museum will present an audio installation of Lou Reed’s groundbreaking work Metal Machine Trio, recorded and presented by Arup’s acoustic consultants using state-of-the-art 3D sound technologies.

The installation provides audience members with an accurate sonic replica of Reed’s experience on stage during an April 2009 performance of the composition (with special guest John Zorn) in New York City. The four 16-minute segments of the piece will run in a continuous loop throughout the duration of the show.

The installation will kick off with a discussion about the work at 8PM on Friday, January 27. Arup’s Raj Patel, Mike Skinner and Dave Rife will be available to answer questions. Tickets to the event are available for purchase on the university’s website.





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  • Lou Reed holding a guitar during the concert. Credit Dave Rife. Copyright Arup.

    The installation provides the audience with a sonic replica of Lou Reed's experience onstage.