Arup sponsors IMechE MX awards

15 May 2012

Arup is pleased to support IMechE's (The Institution of Mechanical Engineers) business improvement programme, Manufacturing Excellence, through sponsorship of the Arup Sustainable Manufacturing Award.

Manufacturing is vital to the future economic prosperity of the UK. IMechE's programme promotes UK manufacturing at all scales.

"This is the sixth year Arup has supported the Manufacturing Excellence (MX) programme through sponsorship of the Arup Sustainable Manufacturing Award. Due to economic, social and environmental influences, it is now more important than ever for manufacturers to embed the concept of sustainability into every day operations and long term strategy for lasting success.

Although the UK already boasts extensive expertise and skills in sustainable design and manufacturing, this drive must be further nurtured and developed until it becomes a standard way of working, not just a ‘nice to have.

The MX programme is a means for businesses of any size to benchmark their current capabilities against recognised best practice approaches, as well as seek expert consultancy advice in order to improve their triple bottom line. Through extensive coverage of MX and the awards, this programme also promotes the education and development of people in manufacturing and beyond, with the aim of driving a more sustainable future for manufacturing in the UK."

Alan Belfield, Arup Group Board Director, Consulting Practice Global Chair

The IMechE Business Improvement Programme

Businesses are called to conduct an in-depth self assessment audit of their processes and strategy. Once completed, they receive a complimentary benchmark report that identifies their strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations for improvement. A mentoring service is available for those who require guidance through the self assessment process.

Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Celebrating the best of British manufacturing, the Manufacturing Excellence Awards are open to companies that have completed at least one module of IMechE's business improvement programme. The 2012 Awards Ceremony will take place on 27 November at The Dorchester on London's Park Lane.

In addition to the Awards, Manufacturing Excellence also provides industry networking opportunities through the MX Club. MX Club events take place throughout the year, are open to all and are usually free to attend. Visit for more information.