2014 leaders in workplace gender equality announced

12 Nov 2014

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has today announced the inaugural list of Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation holders with 76 organisations receiving the prestigious citation.

The new citation, developed in consultation with past citation holders and launched in November 2013, substantially raised the expected level of performance while being sensitive to commercial realities.

“We know sustained and multi-faceted interventions are required to address the structural and cultural barriers that prevent women and men from equally participating at all levels of an organisation. This year’s citation holders have each demonstrated their commitment to maximising the full potential of their entire talent pool.”

– Helen Conway, Director, WGEA

“Arup has consistently performed well in the area of gender diversity and has been recognised by EOCGE for a number of years. We not only welcome the more rigorous testing of our organisation’s commitment to diversity, but are exceptionally pleased that we’ve received this citation. It’s recognition of how far we’ve come in what is typically a male dominated industry, as well as impetus to continue to improve.”

– Peter Bailey, Chair and CEO, Arup in Australasia

The 2014 applications highlight a growing recognition of the need to integrate men into diversity initiatives with a focus on promoting acceptance around men taking parental leave and working flexibly.

In interviews conducted with CEOs of each successful applicant, leaders consistently revealed the importance of maintaining momentum.

“Best practice CEOs know they must not let their achievements in the area of gender equality breed complacency; they know it’s essential to maintain and indeed accelerate their efforts if they are to achieve sustainable change. Importantly, the EOCGE citation and in particular future pre-requisites point to what’s required to continue to lead this agenda and capture the competitive advantage a diverse workforce brings.”

– Helen Conway, Director, WGEA

Reflecting the more rigorous requirements, 76 organisations have been awarded the 2014 EOCGE citation, down from 125 recipients when the predecessor citation, the EOWA Employer of Choice for Women, was last awarded in 2012.



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