Tunnel Rastatt: BIM design to complete in January

06 Jan 2016

Arup is acting as consultant to Deutsche Bahn for the digital design of the new Rastatt railway tunnel.

We supervised the BIM implementation for this infrastructure project. Construction work on the tunnel will start in spring 2016.

For Deutsche Bahn the planning and visualisation of large construction projects with building information modeling (BIM) is a new way to increase the transparency and efficiency of their planning processes. Arup's many years of experience in this area have been instrumental in this process.

"Arup has accompanied and supervised many international infrastructure projects with the help of BIM which allowed us to substantially benefit from this experience and has significantly contributed to the success of the project.”

— Sascha Björn Klar, project manager for large scale projects at Deutsche Bahn.

Large-scale building site tunnel Rastatt

At 4,270m long, the Rastatt tunnel is the second largest single structure in the "expansion and new railway track Karlsruhe-Basel" project. The Rastatt tunnel will cross the entire urban area of Rastatt underground. For this, the railway traffic will be routed down to 20 metres below ground, which means significantly reducing noise pollution for residents.

Tunnel excavation will start in the spring of 2016 with a total construction period of five years. From 2019 the building services of the tunnel will be installed.

BIM as means of quality improvement

On the basis of the traditionally established design of the tunnel, the use of BIM was tested within this pilot project. To do this, a 3D design was created and cost and time schedule were added as a fourth and fifth dimension. All project team members are now able to access a much larger data base, which significantly increases the transparency in terms of time and cost planning. Arup had previously developed a strategy for the implementation of BIM in major projects of the DB Netz AG.



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  • BIM visualisation. Credit: Arup.Open gallery

    The use of BIM shall ensure a more efficient project management and thus improve efficiency and adherence to delivery dates.