Study sets the stage for innovative New Theatre Lucerne

26 Apr 2016

Arup helped project stakeholders create a holistic technical concept for the ground-breaking New Theatre Lucerne.

Stiftung Salle Modulable released the Arup-produced “New Theatre Lucerne Strategic Planning and Feasibility Study.” The report defines a facility that supports exploration and experimentation in the future of dramatic performances, outlining design requirements in the context of a broader public sector plan to create new infrastructure for the arts community in Lucerne.

The current study builds on earlier work where Arup supported Stiftung Salle Modulable to define key requirements for the project. The technical concept included in the study will serve as a basis for the architectural design process to follow, subsequent to the planned international architectural design competition. This report is a key milestone in Arup’s broader role as client advisor in supporting the realisation of this landmark project.

“This study reflects Arup’s superb and in-depth experience, its highest professionalism and — as it seems to us, a key success factor — a very creative, constructive, and efficient co-operation between top specialists within the team involved in this exciting and challenging project.”

— Hubert Achermann, Chairman of Stiftung Salle Modulable.

The comprehensive study, which outlines the vision, concept framework, and technical concept, also examines the project’s feasibility with regards to site evaluation, construction cost modelling, operational requirements, and project planning recommendations for the venue.

“By leveraging our global experience with a wide range of cultural and performance arts venues, we are able to bring to bear our understanding of not only the building process but also the experience from both the audience and artist perspective. As a client advisor, we are able to assist the clients to develop a project that brings stakeholders together and help them navigate the practical realities and risks of an artistic building project.”

— Tateo Nakajima, Arup Principal and project director.

A key element of the design is the unique flexible infrastructure that will serve as a platform for a wide range of creative performances. Movable balconies, lifts, sophisticated overhead rigging systems, and immersive sound and video infrastructure are some of the key elements that will enable artists to explore novel, flexible forms and creative experiments in the areas of musical theatre, opera, dance, and drama.



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