Inspiring female students in Cork and Dublin

08 Feb 2017

Arup is the Conference Zone - National Sponsor for the 4-day I Wish event – an annual initiative created to motivate female students to explore the world of STEM.

I Wish is a national initiative in Ireland which aims to encourage and motivate female secondary school students to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). It is taking place in Cork on 9 and 10 February and in Dublin on 13 and 14 February. Inspiring young women to choose to study and work in STEM is vitally important, as the low participation of females in STEM, combined with a STEM skills gap, is resulting in a significant shortage of females in engineering.

A key aim of I Wish is to provide role models to young women who are interested in STEM. Four Arup staff will be delivering keynote speeches where they will detail their personal journeys and explain some of the interesting aspects of their careers in engineering. Several staff members will be taking part in panel discussions where they will discuss the opportunities available to them through working in engineering.

“What I really love about being an engineer is that we help make life better for people, giving them better homes and offices to live and work in, giving them safe water to drink, and clean energy to use. I really do believe we shape a better world.”

– Clodagh O’Donovan, Associate Director and Environmental Team Leader for Arup in Ireland

A more diverse workforce in science and engineering will benefit the economy and society as a whole. Arup is involved in numerous initiatives aimed at increasing the engagement of young people in STEM, including our recent sponsorship of an award at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, UrbanPlan, Hamilton Day and the STEPS to Engineering Programme.



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    Arup is delighted to participate in I Wish, as inspiring young women to choose to study and work in STEM is vitally important.