ACF Fiorentina unveils its new stadium

10 Mar 2017

ACF Fiorentina has unveiled plans for its new football stadium to the city of Florence.

The venue will host the home matches of the club and will be part of the redevelopment of a 48 hectare area which includes public spaces, an interchange carpark and a shopping mall. The site is adjacent to the airport, four kilometres west of the Cathedral and Giotto belltower and well connected to the city and the surrounding areas.

The new stadium, developed by our architecture and engineering team in Milan, with support from several other European offices, is the most recent example of our expertise in designing sports projects across the world.

"We have embraced this exciting privilege and acknowledge the great responsibility in designing this stadium, to make the best possible experience for the Fiorentina fans and to make the most beautiful and well considered building that we can for the City of Florence."

– James Finestone, Lead Architect, Arup

The design takes inspiration from the local history and landscape to define a well-rooted building that represents an opportunity for the redevelopment of the area and will be the modern home of ACF Fiorentina. The venue will focus on the fans, using the latest technologies to enhance the spectators’ experience before, during and after the matches and gives special attention towards families.

"We have collaborated with Fiorentina for the last two years to define a detailed brief, specifically built on their desires and expectations. We have therefore designed a stadium that reflects the local history and landscape in a modern way and provides a great and comfortable new home for the team and its fans".

– Luca Buzzoni, Project Leader, Arup

Technology and modern design tools have also been an integral part of the entire design process: Arup developed bowl generation tools to provide the best sight-lines at every location. Virtual reality simulations were used to allow a real-time assessment of the fans' experience in the stadium.



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  • ACF Fiorentina. Credit: ArupOpen gallery

    The new stadium for ACF Fiorentina is part of the redevelopment of a 48 hectare area.

  • ACF Fiorentina. Credit: ArupOpen gallery

    The flower-shaped bowl offers seats for 40,000 people on two tiers.

  • ACF Fiorentina. Credit: ArupOpen gallery

    Using the latest technologies that will enhance the spectators' experience, the venue focuses on the fans.