Previous events and exhibitions

Inside Cities: Art and the Built Environment, 23 June – 25 September 2015, 8 Fitzroy St, London

This exhibition is inspired by the 2015 Arup Design Book about cities. It presents aspects of built and proposed infrastructure, community projects, the exploration of materials and objects - virtual, real and imagined - all united by nature and urban green projects.

Artists represented in the exhibition include Damien Hirst, John Wood and Paul Harrison, Heather & Ivan Morison, Something & Son, Fischli and Weiss, and Mark Titchner. Featured projects include the recreation of a tree support structure from the Bosco Verticale building in Milan, Park/Park’s approach to traffic control in Beijing and My village’s community enterprise to produce drinks from locally sourced ingredients.

Building the Sydney Opera House, 11 April - 25 July 2014, 8 Fitzroy Street, London

This exhibition celebrates the ingenuity used to realise this extraordinary building, which took fourteen years to construct. The exhibition is part of a number of global events marking the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House, which began in Sydney in October 2013. It includes photography, notably by Australian modernist photographer Max Dupain, historical drawings and models from the Arup and Utzon archives and the Sydney Opera House Trust.

View the documentary film 'Building the Impossible'

Traces of Peter Rice, 27 Nov 2012 – 5 April 2013, 8 Fitzroy St, London; 12 Oct – 22 Dec 2013; Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin; 28 Feb – 28 March 2014, The Naughton Gallery, Queen’s University, Belfast

Traces of Peter Rice, explores the life and work of Peter Rice (1935-1992), one of Arup’s most pioneering structural engineers. The exhibition includes design stories from three of Rice’s projects: Centre Pompidou, the Menil Collection, Houston and the Full-Moon Theatre near Montpellier.

View the documentary film about Peter Rice

Design Lithuania

As part of London Design Week 2013, a group of leading Lithuanian industrial designers including Paulius Vitkauskas, Rytis Zaveckas and Zydrune Grigonyte showcased new work as well as exploring traditions of Lithuanian historical culture.

Land Sea Air

A sonic exploration of the passing of time, sound artist Charlie Morrow created an installation that explores our relationship to the environment and it’s ecological changes. It was complemented by Geo Portrait Earth (1999) by American filmmaker Gina Angelone and Time Spiral Cosmic Clock, a sculpture designed specially for the exhibition by Finnish industrial designer Hannu Kähönen. (17 February 2012 – 4 May 2012)

Animal Estates London HQ

Devised by American artist Fritz Haeg, this was the eighth in a series of Animal Estates projects and the first to be held in London. The project aimed to develop initiatives to accommodate London’s ‘urban wildlife animal clients’ and held several events looking at specific ‘animal clients’. (13 October 2011 – 20 January 2012).

Stories of Change

A diverse wealth of highly creative film, architectural design and text entries were submitted by students worldwide to a competition looking at issues affecting the future of the built environment. The competition was a response to Arup’s Drivers of Change publication and our third collaboration with Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. (13 July – 30 September 2011)

Paper Planes

French-Polish artist Nicolas Grospierre photographed the surfaces of the Polish Aviation Museum and flattened its distinctive form into a series of photo mosaics. Then he folded a further set of large-scale prints into paper planes, referring to the function of the building and acting as a playful homage to the architect’s design. (31 March – 1 July 2011)

Bridge Stories

The works in this exhibition celebrated the last half-century of bridge projects and the engineering that has made them possible. They also show how the use of film and photography has changed since the first decades of Ove Arup and Partners – founded in 1946. (22 October 2010 – 18 March 2011)

Constructing Realities

Constructing Realities highlighted the relationship between research and practice in architecture and engineering, showcasing work from the postgraduate Advanced Architectural Research course at Barlett School of Architecture, UCL. (1 July – 1 October 2010)

Ways of Seeing London

Ways of Seeing London brought together the work of engineers and architects with that of artists who deal with the notion of ‘city’ in different and unusual ways. (16 March – 18 June 2010)

Renoma: Reflections of Wroclaw

This exhibition mapped the turbulent history and changing face of Wroclaw city, Poland, by telling the story of Renoma. The 1930s modernist retail store was carefully restored and extended by Arup and Mackow Procownia Projecktowa in 2009. (16 October 2009 – 26 February 2010)

Sustaining Identity Symposium II

Hosted by the RIBA Trust and Arup Associates at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, this event was dedicated to the topic of identity and architecture, seeking to prove that the creation of enduring, uniquely localised, people-centred space is both possible and desirable. (26 November 2009)

Digital Hinterlands

Digital Hinterlands featured a diverse range of work by some of the best architecture graduates from London’s Architectural Association, Bartlett, Royal College of Art, and University of Westminster - selected in consultation with Arup. Digital Architecture: Passages Through Hinterlands, a book showcasing the work from the exhibition, is now available. (8 September – 2 October 2009)

The Last Scattering 

In spring 2009 Arup commissioned New York-based artist Matthew Ritchie and Arup's Daniel Bosia to create an installation for Phase 2. The new work was inspired by the Big Bang theory and the collection of points in space and time when light separated from matter. (8 April – 26 June 2009)

Force Field

Created by Arup's lighting designers in collaboration with students and staff from the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, this interactive installation consisted of 64 luminous rods forming a wave of changing colours reacting to the movement of people through the space while imitating other forces that flow through a building. (14 October 2008 – 20 February 2009)

China in Motion

A selection of film, photography, models and digital displays focused on people involved in the dramatic developments in Beijing and Shanghai and the role of migration in making these changes possible. (7 July – 2 October 2008)

Drivers of Change

This exhibition celebrated the launch of Arup's latest Drivers of Change publication, a series of cards identifying leading issues that affect our future. (28 April – 27 June 2008)


  • Exhibits at the Design Lithuania exhibition

    'Neringa' bed, 2008, Rytis Zaveckas. From 'Design Lithuania'.

  • Robots of Brixton, still image from film. Copyright Kibwe Tavares.Open gallery

    Robots of Brixton, 2011. Copyright Kibwe Tavares, Bartlett School of Architecture, London.

  • Nicolas Grospierre, Aviation museum, flattened out (front), 2011. Copyright Nicolas Grospierre.Open gallery

    Nicolas Grospierre, Aviation museum, flattened out (ceiling) 2011. Copyright Nicolas Grospierre.

  • Shell Lace Structure/Proposal for Shi Ling Bridge, 2010. Credit Mike Tonkin/Arup.Open gallery

    Tonkin Liu with Ed Clark, Shell Lace Structure/Proposal for Shi Ling Bridge, 2010 © Mike Tonkin/Arup. From 'Bridge Stories'.

  • Five stages of bloom, by Justin Goodyer

    Justin Goodyer, Five Stages of Bloom. From 'Constructing Realities'.

  • Visualisation of proposed design for Kings Cross Station, London. Courtesy of Network Rail.Open gallery

    Screenshot from realtime interactive environment of John McAslan + Partners design for Kings Cross Station, London. From 'Ways of Seeing London'.

  • Renoma, closeup of outer facade. Credit Mackow Pracownia Projektowa.Open gallery

    New wing of Renoma, 2009, designed by Mackow Pracownia Projektowa and Arup. From 'Renoma: Reflections of Wroclaw'.

  • Sara Shafei, 'Theatre for Magicians' model, lasercut paper. Photograph credit Richard Stonehouse Open gallery

    Sara Shafiei, 'Theatre for Magicians', 2007. From 'Digital Hinterlands'.

  • The Last ScatteringPlay video

    Watch: Matthew Ritchie and Daniel Bosia discuss 'The Last Scattering', April 2009.

  • Forcefield installation. Credit Tinker_IT.Open gallery

    Installation shots of 'Force Field', October 2008.

  • Still image from 'Honey and Bubbles' film. Credit G2 Studio/ArupPlay video

    Film: Honey and Bubbles - a Beijing beekeeper experiences the city's changing landscape before the 2008 Olympics. From 'China in Motion'.