AAMI Park Stadium

  • Award-winning 31,000 seat stadium
  • Bio-frame roof sets benchmarks in efficiency and sustainability
  • Innovative computer technology and modelling streamlined construction processes

This award-winning 31,000-seat rectangular stadium is the result of collaboration between Arup and Cox Architects. It features an innovative bio-frame roof creating a highly efficient, functional and visually exciting structure.

Designed by the application of shell theory and 3D modelling tools, the roof is made up of 20 interdependent shells and a single layer of structure that shares the load through a combination of arching, cantilever and shell action. The resulting structure is considerably lighter and uses around 50% less steel than traditional structural solutions.

Arup’s use of 3D modelling and computer technology significantly streamlined the design process. This included using Generative Component (GC) software to prepare parametric models to define the roof structure, allow for testing of alternative geometric configurations, creating wireframe models, and preseting the final geometry for fabrication and construction.

The structural design team also used in-house optimisation software to study the structural efficiency of the roof. By optimising the member sizes, the most efficient structure was determined, resulting in considerable savings in the amount of steel required for construction. The shell and other concrete works were fully realised in 3D from concept to construction.

AAMI Park's roof maximises natural light and ventilation for both spectators and the health of the playing surface. The bio-frame provides 80% coverage for spectators, insulation and integration with a drainage system that collects rainwater.

Advanced pedestrian modelling ensured optimal external circulation for patrons, improving safety and avoiding bottlenecks around the concourse and in surrounding streets.

Arup provided structural and civil engineering, turf and pitch consultancy, façade and pedestrian modelling. The focus was on setting benchmarks in efficiency and sustainability, and integrating sustainable features with the overall stadium design.


  • AAMI Park Stadium, night view. Credit John Gollings.Open gallery

    The eye-catching stadium was commercially named following a lucrative eight-year sponsorship deal.

  • Melbourne's AAMI Park © John Gollings Open gallery

    Sited within Melbourne’s Sports and Entertainment Precinct, AAMI Park fills a vital gap in the city’s sporting infrastructure.