Bruce highway strategic planning study

  • Longest single highway study undertaken in Queensland.
  • Study covered an area of around 800km2.
  • Extensive community consultation led to best possible outcome.

With one of the highest crash rates in Australia, the Bruce Highway between Cooroy and Gympie, to the north of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, is in dire need of an upgrade.

Arup was appointed to undertake a strategic planning study of the Cooroy to Curra section of the highway and identify the best long-term solution to improve safety, reduce delays, and improve freight efficiency, while minimising impact on the community and environment.

A multidisciplinary team, including highway planners, acoustic engineers, transportation planners and modellers, environmental and social specialists and project managers was involved in the project. Arup also managed a number of other specialist sub-consultants in the areas of ecology and water quality, cultural heritage and landscape assessment.

The study team came up with a shortlist of options, which were exhibited for comment and became the subject of extensive community and media discussion. Working closely with community reference groups, a final plan was determined and published for comment in early 2007.

The outcome was a plan for a safe, high quality four-lane road that meets future inter-regional traffic projections, while preserving the local lifestyle advantages that people value highly.

The study ran from 2004 to 2008.


  • Render of the constraints with the Bruce Highway area, roads from above

    Longest single highway study undertaken in Queensland.

  • Aerial photograph of town and road system

    Study covered an area of around 800km2.