Changxindian low carbon community

  • Sustainable urban planning.
  • Pioneering approach to incorporating low carbon performance standards into planning.
  • Winner of the International Society of City and Regional Planners Excellence award 2009.

Changxindian is Beijing’s first sustainable community and one of the most important development areas in the city’s rapid growth. The 500ha study area includes future residential, commercial, eco-industrial park (Zhongguancun) and open space for a planned population of approximately 70,000.

Arup worked with the Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute, and in support of local government, to prepare a concept masterplan and planning and design guidelines for individual sites, buildings and public infrastructure.

The concept plan was developed based on a Sustainability Framework which clearly sets out a vision, objectives and performance indicators. Energy, water, waste, environment, ecology and transport strategies and indicators were developed to drive the preparation and evaluation of planning options and to achieve low carbon targets.

The concept plan won the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) 2009 award for excellence. The award is the highest honour that ISOCARP can award to a city, region or institution.

Stanley Yip, Arup Director of planning and development, said ”This project is a pioneering case study to ensure that low carbon development models can be implemented from a initial sustainable masterplan concept through to statutory enforcement, and can be replicated in China through innovative low carbon zoning codes to address the urgent issues of climate change”.

Arup understood the importance of integrating a social dimension into the sustainability approach on the project. An in-situ village improvement plan was adopted to maintain the existing social structure, culture and traditional form of living.

The project balances the environmental, social and economic needs of the client and the city of Beijing to achieve energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, economic growth and social harmony.


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  • Changxindian Low Carbon Community, artist's impression of resedential area.Open gallery

    Changxindian is Beijing's first sustainable community.

  • Changxindian Low Carbon Community, artist's impression of tower buildings.Open gallery

    Winner of the ISOCARP award for excellence 2009.