Cityringen Phase 4

  • Bringing the metro to the people of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities.
  • With 19 stations, the Cityringen line will run in a circle entirely in tunnels.
  • 85% of all homes, workplaces and institutions of higher education will be within 600m of a station.

The Cityringen will enhance the performance of Copenhagen’s award-winning Metro by introducing 19 new underground rail stations connecting key areas of the capital.

An Arup team of architects, acoustic consultants, wayfinding, lightingfaçade and materials specialists is working to realise the client’s vision for these spectacular stations.

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Tunelling and station architecture

The Cityringen metro will comprise approximately 16km of twin-bore tunnel connecting the city’s main population, education and workplace centres. It will form a loop around the city, interchanging with the existing metro, rail and bus infrastructure at key locations around the loop.

The concept for the Cityringen stations is based on the basic configuration of the existing underground stations. Arup’s specialists have drawn on the imagery and spirit established during the first phases of the project development to update and revise the design and ensure a 21st century Metro experience.

The stations in the city will be desirable destinations for passengers, providing them with positive and memorable travel experiences.


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  • Copenhagen Metro escalator visualisationOpen gallery

    19 new underground rail stations will connect key areas of the capital.

  • A model of a station interior planned for phase four of the Copenhagen Metro project.Open gallery

    Station interiors are designed to provide the highest-quality experience.

  • Model of station steps for Cityringen project.Open gallery

    Lighting and materials specialists will help to realise spectacular stations.