Dobczyce Reservoir

  • Delivering a short and long-term strategy for a clean water reservoir.
  • Example of sustainable development.

Dobczyce Reservoir is the biggest clean water reservoir near Krakow. This 915ha ecosystem is located at the 60.1km of the Raba river.

For almost 20 years the reservoir has been closed to any public activities and has been safeguarded by a significant protection zone.

Arup carried out a masterplan to investigate options and possibilities of opening this reservoir for public and recreational use without causing any damage to water environment and water quality.

“We hope that implementation of strategy for Dobczyce Reservoir will become a leading example of sustainable development for other water companies in Poland.”

— Andrzej Kamler, Project Director, Arup

Clean water for the future

A team of water, road, environmental, GIS engineers and economists analyzed all the existing information about the reservoir gathered over 20 years, including water quality test results, modeling results of pollution flow, bathymetry data, environmental data.

The experts also investigated the potential for ecotourism, and low-cost leisure activities that can be implemented in a sustainable and low cost manner while bringing no harm to the natural environment and no threat to the water supply for the Krakow Municipality.

Arup worked together with landscape architects, the client, local communities and stakeholders in order to deliver a short and long-term sustainable strategy and phasing plan for the reservoir.


  • Upper Raba Spawning Grounds. Credit: Arup.Open gallery

    Dobczyce Reservoir is the biggest clean water reservoir near Krakow.