Laguna Honda Hospital

  • The first LEED® Silver certified hospital in California. 
  • Arup designed the complex systems that reduced the energy use by 38%. 
  • Engineering services for the redesign of a 650,000ft2, 720-patient hospital complex.

Laguna Honda’s extensive renovation and replacement project is a significant step on a journey from institution to community.

The project includes 500,000ft2 of new construction and 150,000ft2 of remodelling. It provides one of the nation’s largest single-site skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities with a model of care that emphasises community-building.

It is designed to balance warmth, tradition and history with invention, technology and optimism for the future. The project respects the historical significance of the campus, which is a century-old landmark in San Francisco, while accommodating the expansion and growth of the hospital’s evolving mission into the 21st century.

Arup designed the building systems to reduce energy usage through heat recovery and indirect evaporative cooling, lowering cooling costs and allowing 100% outside air, thereby improving indoor air quality and minimising odors and cross-contamination. Arup’s design included use of efficient light, optimised building fabric, and minimised water use where practical.

The project is the first hospital in California to be awarded LEED Silver, and has received several other major awards including California Construction, Best Healthcare Project 2010.


  • Exterior view of Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco, California. © Arup and Anshen+AllenOpen gallery

    Winner of the Green Guide America's Top 10 Green Hospitals - Urban Oasis Award

  • Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco. Artwork hanging in a corridor. Credit David Wakely. Copyright Arup / Anshen + Allen. Open gallery

    The 720-patient hospital complex combines rehabilitation, assisted living and medical facilities.