Ministry of Labour

  • We helped the Ministry of Labour implement EU financial assistance for developing human resources in Romania.
  • This involved monitoring, evaluating and selecting 5,000 projects proposed to be financed under structural funds.
  • We also prepared a training programme for expert evaluators and ministry staff.

Romania receives EU financial assistance to help it develop its human capital and increase its competitiveness through measures such as education and training. Our technical assistance enabled the Romanian Ministry of Labour to improve and streamline the monitoring, evaluation and selection of 5,000 projects proposed for funding in this programme.

We developed the methodology and criteria for selecting the experts to evaluate the projects, taking into account the nature of each key area of intervention and the specific details of the proposed projects. And we then put this into action, selecting relevant experts to evaluate all the projects.

A transparent process

To ensure the process was transparent, we created a website ( for experts to register their interest and for Arup to monitor a database of experts who had applied to work on a project, along with the criteria underlying the selection. The experts’ registration forms, CVs and supporting documents such as diplomas were all stored there too.

At the end of the contract, the database contained data on over 1,500 experts. Following our methodology, we proposed 282 experts to the ministry, from which it selected 212. Before the evaluation process began, we ran 14 training sessions for the experts to ensure they all followed the same process.

Together with our client, we ensured each expert had the right number of projects to evaluate in the time allowed. The experts verified the administrative and eligibility criteria for each project and then carried out a technical and economic evaluation.

As well as training the evaluators, we also organised three training sessions for ministry. Involving 96 participants, these covered evaluation methodology, methodology for verifying the quality of the experts’ evaluation, using the evaluaton tools, and communicating with the experts.

Finally, we suggested how to improve, from legal and economic points of view, the Ministry of Labour’s existing evaluation and selection procedures.


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    We provided technical assistance to the MA-SOPHRD, to improve and streamline the process of monitoring, evaluation and selection.