Multi-products pipeline

  • South Africa’s largest pipeline project, valued at US$2bn.

Transnet’s 45-year-old multiproduct pipeline from Durban to Johannesburg was at the end of its economic life. In order to provide additional capacity for the transport of fuel from the coast to Gauteng, Transnet commissioned a 556km 24inch and a 160km 16inch multiproduct pipeline.

The pipelines will transport five different grades of refined fuel and provide three pump stations and delivery depots along the route, as well as a coastal and inland fuel terminal.

As the inland demand for fuel increases, further pump stations will be added to the trunk line. These new facilities will provide capacity to meet the forecasted fuel needs of the inland market for the year 2030.

Arup, together with Worley Parsons Australia has been contracted for the engineering, procurement, environmental engineering and construction management role.


  • Stack of pipe sections, awaiting use on NMP Pipeline.Open gallery

    The work consists of a 554km 24” and 160km 16” pipeline, four mainline pump stations and 25 storage tanks.

  • Work underway on the NMP pipeline. Open gallery

    The new pipeline will accumulate and transport petrol, diesel and aviation fuel from Durban to Gauteng.