Our Future Workspace

  • Arup helped NATS to define, conceive and realise their vision of “Our Future Workspace” for 6,000 staff.
  • The project involved flexible, cost-effective secure access to IT services “anytime, anywhere, from any device”.

NATS, previously known as the UK National Air Traffic Services, conceived an ambitious vision for its work environment that would take the organisation from the conventional, highly restricted IT that they had in place, to an entirely new way of working. The new workspace was to provide vastly increased flexibility, giving staff the option of using any kind of computing device to reach their online desktop while ensuring the security of their information.

Arup worked with NATS to crystallise this bold vision and to define the requirements of the diverse range of roles that would be performed by NATS staff using this future online workspace.  Arup then developed a strategy, systems architecture and a set of specifications to turn this vision into an affordable, fully-realisable IT development programme.

”With IT architecture expertise, experience on large-scale and complex projects, and strong knowledge of the IT market, the Arup team fully understood our needs. The project ran very smoothly and all of the expected project outcomes were fully met.”

- Gavin Walker, Head of Information Solutions, NATS

Having gained NATS’ approval for the systems architecture, Arup helped the organisation to develop ITT and contract documentation and select appropriate system vendors and an implementation contractor. Arup is now helping NATS to coordinate the deployment of the programme – known as DIAMOND – “Desktop, Identity and Access Management ON demand” – with very successful early results.


  • Photograph of air traffic control tower with a large aeroplane in the foreground

    The air traffic control tower at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 (T5)