Procter & Gamble sustainable design guidelines

  • Arup created guidelines for P&G to ensure a consistent approach to sustainable design around the world.
  • The firm’s analysis identified 36 Resource Conservation Measures (RCM) that P&G could recommend for most projects.
  • Of these 36 RCM, 58% saved between 15-30% of CO2 and a further 11% saved over 30% of CO2.

Arup was appointed to assist P&G in creating a global standard operating procedure to provide guidance on the sustainable elements for all new manufacturing and office facilities.

P&G will only include sustainable elements in the design of their facilities if they can be sustainably and financially justified, so Arup’s guidance needed to clearly evaluate the sustainable and financial benefits.

Arup created a standard operating procedure for P&G that could be applied across their global operations and ensured that the company can now justify sustainable design elements in new manufacturing and office facilities.

The report Arup produced was independently reviewed by industry experts prior to roll out and was very well received within P&G.