Rostov City Masterplan

  • A sustainable mixed-use district for Rostov-on-Don.
  • Arup’s expertise demonstrated this flood-prone location could be successfully developed.
  • High quality public transport, walking and cycling networks.
  • Three dedicated combined heat and power energy centres.

Arup’s masterplan for a new sustainable district in Rostov-on-Don promises to strengthen the city’s status as the gateway to southern Russia. Rostov City will house up to 7,500 new residents and create 9,000 jobs.

The integrated masterplan for the new mixed-use city district incorporates residential, business, retail and leisure facilities, as well as open space and community facilities. By living close to their place of work, inhabitants can reduce the need to travel.

Although close to the city centre, the site is on a difficult location on the opposite side of the river. Because it is prone to flooding, it had not previously been developed. Arup’s technical expertise proved that the site could be developed and persuaded the city authority to alter land use regulations.

The design of Rostov City will lower demands on resource consumption through efficient water management and energy systems and dedicated public transport networks. The client has recognised that sustainable design has commercial advantages, enabling them to attract potential international occupiers by providing high environmental performance standards and a secure 24-hour energy supply.

The new city district will improve social integration by providing a high proportion of affordable housing, a wide range of employment opportunities and a range of social support facilities.

Rostov City will be at the forefront of efforts to diversify and strengthen the economy of Rostov-on-Don.


  • The design lowers demands on resource consumption through efficient energy systems and dedicated public transport networks.

  • Render of Rostov City Masterplan. Credit: Arup.Open gallery

    The mixed-use nature of the development enables living near to place of work and easy access to all facilities.