Roads and Traffic Authority communities of practice

  • Design and facilitation of structured workshops, training and education programs.
  • Delivery of key audit activities including stakeholder interviews, systems review and testing, staff shadowing exercise and benchmarking site visits.

Arup was engaged to assist the New South Wales Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the development of a technical community of practice and the planning and implementation of a suite of supporting skills networks.

Key services provided were management consulting, knowledge management and organisational change.

Working with specialists from the client’s staff, our experts designed and facilitated a series of workshops, undertook targeted knowledge management training and education, and established an implementation framework.

Knowledge management training

The subsequent phase of activity will combine further knowledge management training and education across the RTA’s jurisdiction, establishment of governance and organisational frameworks to facilitate cultural and behavioural change and the design and delivery of a risk management process.

Arup consulted closely with the client and considered business benefits and the technical knowledge needs of the organisation’s staff to design specific knowledge management solutions for the RTA that would have long-term benefits and impact.


  • Road in New South Wales, Australia.

    Arup consulted closely with the client to design solutions with long-term impact and benefits.