Strategy of Polish Airports State Enterprise

  • Advisory services to Polish Airport State Enterprise.
  • Comprehensive analysis of 21 companies from the capital group.

Polish Airports State Enterprise (PASE) is a leading European company in the management and development of airports and the provision of services to passengers and airlines across Poland.

In 2010 we carried out an advisory project to analyse strategic options of PASE in relation to companies in its capital group and to develop a recommended option to the strategy.

The strategy developed took into account 21 companies from the capital group, including ten regional airport management companies and five ground handling companies; as well as companies with business activities in the field of retail sales, hotels, cleaning and other non-aviation services.

Comprehensive analysis

We carried out an analysis of the companies and the external environment, a SWOT analysis of the capital group management model, the definition of options of PASE strategy towards companies in the capital group, an assessment of financial performance and the identification of strategic companies.

The strategy conducted for every company also included the analysis of financial standing and performance, key markets and sources of revenue, market position and the development of potential plans.

Based on this methodology we offered a first appraisal of companies which enabled the identification of companies strategic for PASE.



  • Map of Chopin Airport City. Credit: Arup.Open gallery

    The strategy developed took into account 21 companies from the capital group.