Zinara Roads Phase 2

  • Road rehabilitation design for 820km of national trunk road
  • Design of nine state of the art toll plazas
  • Construction monitoring and project management, from Plumtree Border Post (border of Zimbabwe with Botswana) to Forbes Border Post in Mutare (border of Zimbabwe with Mozambique)

In a piece of major road infrastructure renewal, we were commissioned to design and project manage Zimbabwe’s Zinara Roads Phase 2 project. We provided road rehabilitation and improvement designs for 820km of national trunk road, toll plazas architecture, including nine toll plaza designs, project management and construction monitoring.

In order to meet the programme’s ambitious goals, our team worked collaboratively with the client, the public, commercial entities and other stakeholders, so that the design process and construction could run concurrently. The addition of 1.5m shoulders and road studs on the entire 820km of road represented a big step in improving safety for the general public. We were also able to off-set carbon use on the project by providing designs for the recycling of existing pavement materials.


  • Toll plaza shown along stretch of the Zinara RoadOpen gallery

    The project involved road rehabilitation design for 820km of national trunk road and design of nine state of the art toll plazas.