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Audio visual and multimedia

Opportunities emerge where communication, audio visual and information technologies meet. We turn opportunity into business advantage.

Better communication breeds better business. Arup’s audio visual consultants work with clients in many markets – from the corporate and financial sectors, to universities, hospitalsmuseums and sports stadia. We help them work together more effectively, making better use of their time and knowledge, as recognised by the international inAVate award for our work with the Mauritius Commercial Bank.

Arup is one of the few organisations that works across the full audio visual spectrum. Our consultants combine spatial, technical and operational audio visual design, and work closely with acoustics and lighting designers, to integrate technology into spaces.

Aligning people, space and technology

Audio visual spaces such as auditoriums, boardrooms and meeting rooms are critical to day-to-day business operations. At their best, they can transform the way an organisation works.

Arup’s scheme for the media and audio visual facilities for the Guardian’s new headquarters at Kings Place, London, was designed to enable their move from a print-focused operation to one with multimedia also at its heart. Arup provided the acoustic design of the media studios, together with IT and communications cabling infrastructure, telephony and electronic security design.

Purposeful collaboration

As a globally functioning business, we know first-hand that collaborative work methods, such as video conferencing, can improve staff efficiency while cutting cut the cost of business travel and environmental impact.

We tailor collaborative solutions that suit organisational needs and budgets - from video conferencing and telepresence for corporate clients to distance teaching and telemedicine systems. We can advise on space layout to facilitate more effective meetings, as well as technology infrastructure that allows teams to interact despite geographic distance.

Managing for success

Effective knowledge sharing is critical to business success. We help clients identify and harness knowledge within their multimedia content by creating solutions that allow them to manage and share content with ease.

We helped the Media Development Authority in Singapore better manage and promote its activities by designing an electronic content distribution system that made all its multimedia material simply and quickly available on a network. The system pulled DVD, broadcast tapes, satellite TV, radio and video-on-demand into one streamlined system.

Arup’s audio visual experts are at the leading edge of intelligent facilities management design, in which room booking and scheduling can trigger targeted use of lighting, security and building, enhancing operational efficiency.

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Global contact

  • Kurt Graffy

    Kurt Graffy

    Your best solution to date?

    The Tempe Center for the Arts in Arizona, USA, a multi-purpose arts facility.

    Why is it significant?

    We were able to establish a collaborative relationship with the architects early in the project, developing creative approaches to the acoustic challenges. The result was what the Arizona Republic called “A triumph in aural architecture … [where] both the acoustics and the architecture were raised to another level by encompassing the needs of the other”.

    Your particular skill?

    High performance acoustics and technical systems.


    Spaces for performance.

    Why Arup?

    Having access to the passion for creativity and the depth of skills of my colleagues as part of a daily working environment is incredibly stimulating, and something that is a unique element in the Arup culture.

    Anything else?

    Musician (bassist), theatre sound designer, instructor in audio and acoustics, Vice Chairman of the Audio Engineering Society technical committee on acoustics and sound reinforcement.

  • Global Audio Visual and Multimedia Leader
  • Ben Moore

    Ben Moore

    Ben Moore. Image credit Larry Pitt.

    Your best solution to date?

    Convincing a client not to go ahead with a project.

    Why is it significant?

    It’s not something a client wants to hear or we want to say, but sometimes the impact and implications of a project extend beyond the perspective that is required to deliver it.

    Your particular skill?

    Audio visual and theatre systems design.

    Why Arup?

    People and the manifold ways they express themselves.

    Anything else?

    Arup is like no other place I’ve ever worked. It provides me almost boundless opportunities to explore and develop.

  • t: +61 (0) 3 9668 5500
  • e:
  • Sydney [14:10]
  • John Sykes

    John Sykes

    John Sykes - portrait. Copyright Arup.

    Principal consultant, AV Skills Leader UKMEA Region

    Your best solution to date?

    Multimedia studios and AV systems for the Guardian News Media Headquarters in Kings Cross, London.

    Why is it significant? is one of the world’s leading online newspapers, attracting over 50 million unique visitors every month. We assisted the Guardian in its journey in to digital news media and were privileged to design the production facilities they use to deliver award winning content.

    Your particular skill?

    Audio visual and production systems design.


    All things production related. From studios to giant venue infrastructure.

    Why Arup?

    Arup encourages innovation and supports it.

    Anything else?

    Always proud to say ‘I work for Arup’.

  • t: +44 (0) 20 7636 1531
  • e:
  • London [05:10]

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