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Bridge engineering

Whether to span nations, make a statement or improve everyday links, Arup crafts better bridges.

Arup works in active partnership with clients to understand their needs and aspirations, so that our solutions make their bridge programmes possible - big and small. We then bring together leading global experts across disciplines to create teams that can deliver world-class bridge engineering anywhere.

Collaborating to develop connections

Long-span bridges open regions to opportunity and link communities. Arup collaborates with architects, developers and the public sector to shape ambitious, pragmatic and enduring bridges that transform the way people live and work.

We have realised many of the world’s significant bridges. In the 1970s we spanned the Benue River to re-connect the north-east region of Nigeria cut off by annual floods. Since, the Øresund Link, which joins Sweden and Denmark, was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. Hong Kong’s Stonecutter Bridge, the world’s second longest cable-stayed span, was designed to withstand typhoon winds during construction and operation.

Major bridges today are increasingly sophisticated. We draw on Arup’s deep expertise in fundamentals such as Wind_Engineering and seismic design as well as security, lightingintelligent transport and more.

In a joint venture to design, develop and project-manage the Forth Replacement Crossing, Scotland’s largest infrastructure project in a generation, our integrated bridge team incorporates diverse skills including project finance, procurement, environmental, marine, geotechnics, landscapingelectrical, and mechanical disciplines.

Realising landmark bridge designs

Arup brings aesthetic integrity and technical virtuosity in bridge design within reach for our clients.

We often realise cutting-edge design for footbridges, such as Singapore’s much-awarded Helix Bridge. It mimics the double-helix structure of DNA and was made possible by an original structural solution modelled using Arup’s 3D software. In this virtual environment, we developed a design that achieved both stunning effect and surprising strength with efficient use of steel.

Innovating to improve infrastructure

Arup’s drive to advance bridge engineering also shapes our bridge solutions for highways and rail. For example, our Eight-Hour Bridge Initiative avoids the major disruption wrought by standard construction. We set a benchmark in concrete design with our Medway Viaduct for High Speed 1, which achieves a delicate profile in harmony with its surroundings despite being one of the longest concrete bridges built for the demands of high-speed rail.

Our expertise also helps clients get the most from existing bridges. We manage inspection and testing regimes for bridges from New York, USA, to Queensland, Australia. In the Netherlands, we are refurbishing eight critical long-span bridges to extend their useful life by 30 years.

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Global contact

Potrait: Naeem Hussain. Copyright Arup
  • Naeem Hussain

    Naeem Hussain

    Potrait: Naeem Hussain. Copyright Arup

    Arup Fellow, Global Leader for Bridge Engineering

    Your best solution to date?

    Stonecutters Bridge, Hong Kong.

    Why is it significant?

    This is one of the first cable-stay bridges in the world with a span in excess of 1000m, which is a leap into the possibilities for even longer cable-stay spans.

    Your particular skill?

    Long span cable supported bridges.


    Concept and detail design of long span bridges.

    Why Arup?

    Working with like-minded free thinking design engineers.

    Anything else?

    Hong Kong Permanent Delegate, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering and Chairman Working Group 3 Guidelines for Design Competition for Bridges.

  • Global Bridge Design Leader
  • Sander den Blanken

    Sander den Blanken

    Your best solution to date?

    The Ponte Palazzo cycle and pedestrian bridge in the centre of Den Bosch, Netherlands.

    Why is it significant?

    The shape and choice of material all contribute to a pleasant experience for people under and on the bridge while retaining simplicity. The design has a clean and transparent silhouette which perfectly complements its environment.

    Your particular skill?

    Designing new movable bridges and assessing existing bridges.


    Working together with a skilled group of people towards a better and more sustainable world for everybody.

    Why Arup?

    Every day I can make a difference to a better and more sustainable world.

    Anything else?

    Expert for the Dutch Council of Steel Structures (RAS).

  • t: +31 (0) 20 305 8500
  • e:
  • Amsterdam [06:15]

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