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Carbon management

Arup responds to the demands of a low-carbon world by helping clients understand and manage their carbon output.

Businesses and governments face increasingly tough decisions as they tackle financial performance alongside carbon targets, global economic effects and the risks of energy scarcity and climate change.

Arup’s end-to-end expertise in carbon management equips cities, industry and institutions worldwide to make and realise better choices for tangible, lasting benefit.

Our commercial realism is key. It informs our approach to strategy, analysis, technical and economic advice and programme implementation across the entire carbon landscape – from systems and organisations to products and materials and new and existing buildings and estates.

Carbon and cost savings with Beacon

Arup’s significant track-record in carbon modelling is evident in our complex undertakings, from Melbourne’s zero net emissions strategy to low-carbon development in South China.

We have now taken carbon measurement a step ahead by creating Beacon, a global carbon-reporting tool and supporting methodology to identify carbon hotspots throughout an organisation’s supply chain. Beacon offers a rapid and cost effective method of analysis without compromising on data quality. Beacon’s dataset covers 98% of world GDP and includes 94 countries across 57 sectors, which means you can confidently focus your reduction efforts.

Beacon has already brought quantifiable carbon and cost savings to the NHS, De Montfort University and British Land.

Pragmatic solutions

Engineersenvironmentalists and planning and policy specialists make up Arup’s dedicated team of carbon and sustainability professionals. With a 'board room to boiler-room' approach, they bring clarity and pragmatism to the energy and carbon agenda and help clients to measure and manage the risks and opportunities it presents.

Our carbon engineering specialists use hands-on experience to identify and deliver real-world energy savings. Working with Pfizer, we paired energy-efficiency recommendations with their associated costs and projected return on investment. Pfizer chose projects that made business sense and Arup managed their implementation. The result: a cut of 5,000 tonnes of CO2 and cost savings of more than US$1m each year on Pfizer’s California research campus.

For Hyatt hotels, we identified energy efficiency interventions that result in US$16m of cost savings in a programme that paid for itself within three years.

Tailored responses

Arup’s insight across sectors allows it to craft effective carbon solutions for anything from aviation to education, and from water and waste to arts and sports.

We recently led a sector-wide consultation and technical advisory service for UK construction to help develop an accepted carbon protocol for diverse stakeholders. We also developed a masterplan for Pinewood Studios to help meet their goal of reducing the film sector’s carbon footprint. We proposed and modelled world-wide streetscapes that could be used to reduce or eliminate the need for international production travel.

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Global contact

  • Jonathan Ben-Ami
  • Global Carbon Management Leader

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