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Energy advisory

We combine our consulting strategy and technical skills to provide clients with the best advice and solutions for an energy programme.

Understanding the complex market

Arup provides value for clients by bringing together advisory services with commercial, regulatory, approvals and technical market drivers.

As independent experts in the built environment and digital technology, we help our clients create, plan, model and structure the governance of their projects.

We work closely with Governments, Cities, investment funds, regulators, utilities, independent energy companies, campuses or major energy-users on their energy projects. Our regional and local experience allows us to provide clients around the world with expert advice and international best practice. We provide award winning advice to clients and analyse situations to create innovations and solutions, similar to the findings in our paper for the World Energy Council, “Innovating Urban Energy”.

Our advisory offering to clients allows us to provide independent advice on energy master planning and energy business strategy across a broad spectrum, from demand-side reduction to transaction advice, energy policy as well as distributed energy programmes and working closely with large energy consumers. We advise our clients to help ensure objectives are met on their energy programme and have proven capabilities to advise organisations with large property portfolios on energy and carbon strategies, we combine this with our change management expertise as well as project management skills. Other advisory capabilities include market performance, tariffs and economic benefit analysis.

The impact of increasing urbanisation

The energy market is closely aligned to the global challenges of increased urbanisation, with public and private organisations looking to assess and improve their urban energy usage. We understand the constraints and opportunities of the built environment and help clients to integrate multiple technologies and energy sources to match their needs.

Leaders in business and investor advisory

Arup provides leading transaction advice in the built environment combining technical knowledge with our advisory skills, this allows clients get the best of both worlds. For example when we do due diligence on energy assets there’s no such thing as a ‘standard assessment’ and we work closely with the world’s leading investors looking at renewable energy, LNG and options for urban energy. Our consultants home in on the elements of the prospective purchase that need the most thorough examination, also investigating asset condition and maintenance. We can review the prevailing regulatory framework and its influence on the market opportunity. Our experience has seen us named Independent Advisor of the Year three times and we advise on some of the most complex energy projects.

Energy advisory as part of a broader market offering

Our Energy advisory offering fits with our two other service lines– energy systems and energy structures – forming our business activities in the energy market. We are active across the core energy markets.

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