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Management consulting

Our advice delivers because we merge business sense with technical strength.

At Arup, great design means many things, including running a better business. We help organisations to unlock value, create efficiencies and stay focused on their core activities during key transitions. From asset and portfolio management, to business planning and economic forecasting, we work with clients in every industry to generate valuable long-term outcomes.

Management consulting is our way of taking a 360 degree view of client objectives. Depending on the challenge, we can be panoramic or forensic, delivering targeted advice or large scale change programmes. Our strategic and operational advisory services complement our long history in structural design and engineering. By drawing on a huge breadth of professional disciplines, and insights derived from wide global experience, we’re able to help clients in every sector to run more effective businesses. .

A world of insights

The breadth of Arup’s work allows us to bring clients valuable market insights drawn from sectors as diverse as energy, water, transport and cities. And because Arup functions as a large global skills network, we can call on a wide array of talent in order to help clients identify relevant opportunities and plan investments. In this way we’re able to engineer more valuable and far-sighted outcomes than traditional management consultancies.

Confidence to grow

Great consultancy helps businesses to focus and build the confidence to commit to change. Arup’s management consulting team has helped clients all over the world to build rigorous business cases for inspiring projects and major change programmes alike. Fundamentally, we help clients to engage in business change that readies them for tomorrow’s challenges, not just today’s.

  • At the Long Beach Civic Center in California Arup helped define a $500m+ redevelopment master plan.
  • Arup helped Heathrow to develop an effective and interruption-free expansion plan at Terminal 2.
  • In Australia we worked with Sydney politicians to design an urban framework and transport strategy that maximised long-term passenger and regeneration benefits.

New skills, new opportunities

Business strength lies in the ability to evolve. Arup continually expands and diversifies its skills network so that clients benefit from the most imaginative insights and powerful ideas. We help businesses to understand the challenges they face and chart the best path forward, whether in investments, workplace design and operation, business change or asset management.

Work with an intelligence business

Arup is a research-led organisation. We develop and share new ideas that define new skills and capabilities. Our research also reveals the most important market trends. Arup’s Foresight + Research + Innovation group sets the agenda across many topics and disciplines for clients worldwide. With Arup you’ll be working with a business that thinks bigger and sees further, your knowledge partner in a competitive world.

Worldwide support

Arup’s management consulting team is 1,000 strong and operates in 58 countries, so wherever your business is based we can help you make change for the better.

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Global contact

  • Carol Lemmens
  • Global Management Consulting Leader
  • Jim Quiter

    Jim Quiter

    Jim Quiter

    Americas Region Board Member, Board of Trustees Member, Global Executive Board Member, Global Management Consulting Leader

    Your best solution to date?

    The Stratosphere Tower.

    Why is it significant?

    It was about the first major structure to use elevators as a primary egress method. Though done in the early 1990’s, the methods used set the standard for those still being used today.

    Your particular skill?

    Creative exiting solutions, innovative smoke control methods.


    Getting creative teams of people together to come up with answers that we couldn’t have reached individually.

    Why Arup?

    It is full of creative people, and gives them the space to do what they do best.

    Anything else?

    Fellow in SFPE, Past-President of SFPE, Chairman of NFPA Building Code Committee, National Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee, Chair NFPA High Rise Building Safety Advisory Committee.

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