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Market-led digital solutions

We provide end-to-end consultancy services to create custom solutions for clients across markets.

Technology impacts every aspect of our built environment, offering unprecedented opportunities to shape a better world. We apply our digital expertise to different markets to design solutions that will have a lasting positive impact on your organisation.

Smarter market-led solutions

We work with clients across different market sectors to create tailor-made technology solutions that help them achieve their strategic objectives. Our consultants can help you leverage new business models, establish innovative capabilities and harness data to enhance every aspect of your projects – from supporting strategies and operations to enabling future legacies.

Our success in markets such as cities and planning, property, transport (aviation, rail, highways and maritime), sport, water and energy, allows us to quickly add value to client projects and operations because of our in depth domain knowledge.

Cities and planning

Our work in smart cities and masterplanning investigates the role of digital technology in cities and urban developments. We look at how it can optimise the operation of cities and enable sustainable behaviour by citizens.


Our consultants help you leverage technology to develop truly smart solutions. We harness data and connectivity to create smart buildings that maximise building performance, improve energy efficiency, and synchronise events to improve comfort for occupants and productivity.


Our technology in sport services are helping to create stadiums of the future including the Singapore Sports Hub – the largest sports infrastructure public-private partnership in the world. Our consultants also work with organisations such as the London Legacy Development Corporation to ensure that major events such as the London Olympics 2012 can be a catalyst for positive and long-lasting benefits that go far beyond the initial spectacle.


Our expertise in transport allows us to provide market-leading technology services to aviation, rail, highways and maritime organisations. Services such as our real-time aviation and digital railway offerings are specifically designed to meet your operational and customer needs. Our consultants work on a range of assignments to enable your ambitions through technology. We’ve enabled innovation in areas such as operational and passenger processing, airport and baggage IT, and rail telecoms.

We provide smart mobility advisory services that can revitalise transport networks, improve mobility for users, and create seamless and efficient travel experiences. We can provide everything from research and consultancy services, as we did for the UK Government’s Traffic Management Technology Framework, to help with upgrading urban traffic signal systems in Limerick City. Our work on the oneTRANSPORT project aims to lay the foundations for smarter transport networks around the world by using Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Energy and water

We work with utility providers to create smart utility solutions across the energy and water sectors. Our work helps utility providers harness technology to improve resource management, develop sustainable long-term operations and ensure that systems and data remain secure.

Our specialist market and technical knowledge allows us to provide effective, robust digital solutions that enables our clients to exploit commercial opportunities, achieve operational targets and guarantee the success of key projects.

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