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Power generation and storage

There is still a role for conventional thermal power generation but there is a move towards less centralised generation and the days of coal seem to be numbered.

We’ve helped deliver over 100GW of forward-thinking thermal power projects in more than 20 countries, including Australia, China, Nigeria, Colombia and UK. We work to decommission, convert the fuel type or improve the efficiency of existing thermal power stations, and in more decentralised generation through CHP plants. We work with clients to link power generation to urban regeneration where power and heat are required.

We have substantial experience in assessing the potential for major conventional coal fired plants to be fitted for carbon, capture and storage (CCS), like Kingsnorth in the UK, we have considerable knowledge of the challenges and viability of CCS. Our experience allows us to bring together and integrate a range of capabilities and skills required to make a power generation project successful.

We have advised on change of use for coal fired plant, generally to Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT), knowing about older coal plants as well as the construction of CCGTs allows us to advise clients on due diligence. We are able to adapt our advisory, systems and structures service offerings to apply them to a range of projects, like Gale Common with their ash management which is largest facility in the UK.

Our global power expertise has seen us work with large operators through to smaller suppliers, from major programmes such as a new facility through to transactional advice. Our transaction advice service offering has seen us involved in technical due diligence of coal and gas plants in Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Nigeria and Peru. 

Adapting our expertise for each programme

Our advisory specialists can add value to the planning process of a power generation project as well as, permits and consenting, connections and infrastructure for thermal plants such as site enabling, storage and transport systems. Services such as civil and infrastructure engineering, project management, contract management and concept scoping can be integrated so our services and solutions are bespoke for each programme.

Expertise in non-fossil fuelled power

As the world looks for alternative sources of energy, biomass is becoming a popular choice for power generation. We’ve worked on biomass retrofit concepts for Ratcliffe and have advised on the conversion of Blackburn Meadows and Gardanne in France. Geothermal power is another non-fossil fuel alternative, we bring together geology, hydrogeology, environmental and planning consenting expertise to develop geothermal projects for clients.

Other forms of non-fossil fuelled power includes nuclear and renewables power generation. We have extensive experience in both of these areas, having worked on some of the largest solar farms across Africa as well as being part of the project team on Hinkley Point C. In Nuclear, we are familiar with the technologies and skills required for small modular reactors and see this as an area with potential for growth. We understand the challenges in renewables from linking supply availability to demand usage through to smart storage solutions.

Energy storage as a solution

We advise clients on appropriate applications for energy storage, whether it be centralised storage or dispersed at point of use. Whether to reinforce grid hot spots, provide virtual generation capacity, or frequency stability and harmonics. One of the challenges with storage is its place in regulatory frameworks. Distribution network operators are often not allowed to invest in storage and unlike renewables, storage does not qualify for price incentive mechanisms.

In such a fast-moving industry, it is essential to keep learning, adapting and evolving. We’re working with leading academic institutions on cutting edge research into topics such as the future of storage.

Our broader energy market offering

We support clients by bringing specific and cross-sector experience to challenging projects in energy, covering power, heat and transport. Whatever your needs in the complex energy market we are able to bring solutions through our service offerings.

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