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Product design

We design smart products that respond to people's ever changing needs.

Our imaginative and versatile product design team encourage innovative thinking, better product performance, invention and collaboration. We harness a wealth of global and local market knowledge, creativity and technical expertise to develop products that are of benefit to both our clients and the wider public.

For our clients, speed to market is key. The CRAFT LED luminaire for Zumtobel was developed rapidly by our product and lighting designers, who worked closely with our client and other Arup teams. Our expertise meant we were able to bring the product to market in just eleven months, giving them the market edge.


We work across a diverse range of product types and markets, including products for the built environment, transport, electronics, furniture, healthcare, lighting and the wider sustainable urban environment.

Our experience in designing sports venues, furniture and seating shaped the concept for the Abacus Stadium Seat, a unique, high-performance ‘world seat’ that meets the user expectations, stringent technical and ergonomic requirements for new sports stadiums globally.

Watch: A short film about our product design team.

Outstanding user experience

We put the user experience at the heart of every project. Together with our acoustics and structures teams, we developed the BE OPEN Sound Portal ambisonic sound pavilion for the tenth anniversary of the London Design Festival. The travelling pavilion provided visitors with an unforgettable multi-sensory experience in Trafalgar Square, illustrating how sound can be used as a design element.

The BE OPEN sound portal is an extraordinary piece of design and creativity from Arup.

Sir John Sorrell. Chair and Founder of London Design Festival


Sustainability and innovation are ingrained in everything we do. Pocket Habitat is a unique modular vegetation product, designed to promote wildflower growth and biodiversity in urban areas. Each Pocket Habitat module is a stand-alone envelope made from environmentally friendly materials and has been used to green a number of urban spaces and buildings such as The Siemens Centre for Urban Sustainability.

Designed for naturally ventilated buildings, SoundScoop allows the unrestricted transfer of air between rooms, whilst absorbing airborne sounds. This maintains privacy and a comfortable temperature in naturally and mechanically ventilated building spaces, requiring zero energy use.

Technical excellence through innovation

Organisations face the same challenges on building projects again and again. We help developers by identifying and creating inventive, reliable solutions that reduce risk and improve quality and efficiency.

The Technik Floor system, developed by Arup with partners Grants and Lindner, substantially reduces the drying time, carbon use and risk associated with traditional screed flooring installations. Technik has been so effective that over 65,000m2 of the flooring has been used on projects including Heathrow Terminals 5C and 2B, More London and Ropemaker Place.

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