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Arup has spent more than 70 years at the forefront of the built environment. Research continues to play a central role in how we think, work and grow.

In addressing challenges, engineering often means moving beyond the status quo. In this effort, research is central, bringing together experience, data, and analysis to define new directions to pursue in both client work and wider policy development.

We recognise too, that for clients today long-term value has an evolving and complex nature. Our work must often connect a project’s structural design to the positive social and environmental outcomes it will produce. Rigorous and creative research helps us to bind these elements together for our clients and partners in the public and private sector.

From ideas to innovations

We see design as an opportunity to rethink, reshape and redefine the world around us. Whether it’s finding new uses for materials according to the emerging principles of a circular economy, or designing apps that use smartphone technology to capture structural vibration data, high quality research drives us forward.

A thinking organisation

Arup has a vibrant and open knowledge culture. Our people freely collaborate across a wide variety of disciplines, hold regular sharing sessions internally and work with academics to pursue ideas in the wider world. At Arup, a career is an ongoing education in the latest ideas and practices.

Our researchers are collaborating on a variety of projects funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. And every year we invite external parties to contribute in the Global Research Challenge, through which Arup funds the most promising and inspiring new ideas to address themes like water provision, urban quality of life or new mechanisms for financing infrastructure. If you are interested in becoming our research partner, please contact us.

Designing the future

Arup is a research-driven organisation, and our people develop industry-leading thinking. We pursue emerging ideas like the circular economy, and responsive masterplanning, and have effective research strategies and tools for challenges like city resilience. Research is a seam running through our entire operation, stimulating new thinking, encouraging collaboration and creating client value through innovation.

To find out more about our varied research work, visit our dedicated website:

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    David Gerber

    Global Research Leader

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City rooftops - cover of final report on retrofitting existing homes for climate change adaptation – ‘Your Home in a Changing Climate’

Project: Retrofitting existing homes for adaption to climate change

This project assessed options, costs and benefits for adapting existing homes to cope with climate change.

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Additive manufacturing. Credit: David de Jong/DAVIDFOTOGRAFIE

Project: Additive Manufacturing

A design method for critical structural steel elements for application in complex projects.

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Screen shot of DIMMER Data Visualisation Dashboard

Project: Smart Cities - District Information Modelling & Management for Energy Reduction (DIMMER)

A web-based interface incorporating energy consumption, analytics, visualisation, and interactive client applications to increase energy efficiency, load balancing, and energy market flexibility.

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View of the world´s first SolarLeaf-Building, with 200 m2 of active SolarLeaf area; South-east elevation. Credit: Colt International, Arup and SSC GmbH.

Project: SolarLeaf – bioreactor façade

Worldwide first façade system to cultivate mircro-algae to generate heat and biomass as renewable energy sources.

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/~/media/Campaigns/Banner Images/Green_Buildings/Green_Building_Envelope_Hero_Image_940x400.ashx

Campaign: Green Building Envelope

Towards a cleaner, greener, and healthier human ecosystem

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